Drone technology has advanced to become a vital instrument for residential and commercial industries.  The vast array of capabilities make it a universal tool in many trades.

The capabilities of this technology allow for roof inspections, examination of landscapes and constructions zones, aid in disaster recovery efforts, inspect the health of agricultural crops, inspections of solar cells, and professional real estate photography.   This boundless technology is being utilized by insurance companies and insurance adjusters.  The capabilities are that one pilot can inspect 5-6 miles of power distribution poles per day, capturing both thermal and RGB imagery, and generate detailed reports.  Substations can normally be done in one day.

The advantages of utilizing drone technology on roof inspections, are increased safety of human assets and reduced risks to the integrity of already damaged areas.  Moreover, time is a commodity, and this technology is less time intensive than standard manpower.  Once at the location, our pilots can set-up and complete an inspection in about a half an hour.  The data is brought back to our office and processed by the next day.  We then provide you with a quality, detailed inspection report, with images documenting damage or existing structural integrity.  (Click HERE to see a sample roof report)

Total Drone Solutions can assist you in all your project needs in our use of sophisticated drone technology, artificial intelligence, and the most advanced software available.

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